Ketchup or Gravy? You decide...

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The Mean Jean Pasty

(pronounced: PASS-TEE)

One of the most identifying cultural marks in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is the pasty. The easiest way to describe a pasty is a pot pie without the pot. Nobody knows for sure where and when the pasty originated, but it was the Cornish who brought the pasty to the U.P. in the 1800's when they immigrated here for the mining opportunities. It became popular among all miners because it was small, portable, filling, and could stay warm for 8-10 hours. The pasty has remained relatively unchanged over the years!

We proudly serve authentic Michigan pasties made from our Yooper family recipe!

Beef or Chicken Pasty


Served with our homemade Amish Sweet Slaw and gravy or ketchup on the side

Frozen Take & Bake Pasty


(Please call ahead for large orders.)