About Apple Knockers Ice Cream Parlor

About Apple Knockers Ice Cream Parlor

A Little Taste of Joy in Vicksburg, MI

Paula Hochstetler and her two daughters, Angela Palomaki and Rita Sertic, opened Apple Knockers' doors on September 11, 2009. We are located in the beautiful, historic village of Vicksburg, Michigan.

Our menu reflects the variety of our Michigan heritage. Our upper peninsula family pasty recipe is from the Marquette area, and our homemade cream pies reflect our Amish family recipes from the lower peninsula. We serve Plainwell Ice Cream, which is made in Plainwell, Michigan, and we serve Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream which is made in Shelby Township, Michigan.

Our staff supports our local community by graciously donating all of their tips to local charities and community organizations.

In 2012, MLive.com conducted a statewide search for the 10 best ice cream parlors. We are proud to have been voted the third best ice cream parlor in the entire state of Michigan.

What is an Apple Knocker?

ap-ple-knock-er/n. (1919)

1. person who picks apples by knocking them off the trees allowing others to pick them up 2. rustic 3. country bumpkin 4. someone residing in the lower peninsula (U.P. definition)